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Birth & Labor Support

  • Unlimited text, phone and email support from date of hire through entire pregnancy.  I will provide informational and emotional support as well as an expansive and curated list of local resources.

  • 2 prenatal visits. We will use these times to get to know each other, develop your birth plan, address any concerns that may arise, and figure out how I can best support you in your birth.

  • 24/7 on-call support from 38 weeks onward. Any time, day or night, I will be available to support you as you move toward your birth.  

  • In-person physical support during your labor and birth. I will be by your side through your labor and birth until a few hours after your baby is born. 

  • Postpartum visit. Within two weeks of your birth I will come meet you in your home. At this time I can help with infant feeding, comfort measures, infant care, and offer any support you might need. It will be a nice time to wrap up all the time we've spent together.


Infant Feeding Support

As a Certified Lactation Counselor I can come into your home to help you establish whatever infant feeding system fits your family best.

I can assist troubleshooting bodyfeeding issues like latch and positioning to allow for more comfortable and productive feeds, answer questions about scheduling, give support establishing combination or bottle feeding, assist with planning and milk storage, give pump advice, and offer various resources.

Fertility Support

As someone who has navigated a diagnosis of infertility, I know how isolating trying to conceive can feel, especially if you are undergoing any sort of Assisted Reproductive Technology (IVF, IUI, fertility preservation).


I am very well resourced in New York City in this field and can offer a lot of informational support: vetted resources, provider lists, support groups, etc.


I also know that when undergoing fertility struggles, well-meaning people so often say the absolute wrong thing. I can offer non-judgmental, unbiased emotional support through your journey.


Physically I can also attend appointments with you and support you in that way as needed.


Postpartum Support

For birth clients I can sometimes offer the option to continue our relationship into your fourth trimester. This can take two different shapes.


  • A la carte: Extra  3 hour postpartum visits

  • Full fourth trimester support


During these visits I can assist with postnatal comfort measures, infant feeding support, newborn care while you get some alone time, sibling care, in home cooking and meal prep, light housekeeping, baby wearing support, errands, curated resources for new parents, or anything else you need to make your postpartum period as comfortable as possible.  

Sliding Scale for Community Access

I believe a supported birth should be accessible to everyone. Because of this I offer a sliding scale pricing structure to ensure that all families, especially BIPOC, LGBTQ+,  and those of varying income statuses, can access the support they need. I value inclusivity, respect privacy, and provide culturally sensitive care. Please reach out if this feels like something you want to explore and we can work together to find a pricing arrangement that works for you. 

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